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Work By Cassandra Hess


My name is Cassandra Hess and I certified and received classic lash training in New Mexico February 2014. I had been interested in lash extensions since I first heard about them in 2009. I had a friend that did lash extensions and gave me my first set in 2013, from that point on I was hooked!! I felt so beautiful and my face lit up every time I had a fresh set of lashes applied. I needed to know her secret, I wanted to make others feel the same way I felt just so darn beautiful, no makeup needed. As soon as I started cosmetology school, I knew I wanted to train to be a lash tech, I just wasn't sure how. Luckily for me, Tiffany and another tech came into my school to talk to us about lash training. I had to do it!! But how could I afford it I kept thinking. I knew it would be an investment but now I know truly how it changed my life!!! I make so much more money due to the fact that I am a trained lash tech. So back to my story, I talked to my husband (who at the time was on a 9 month deployment) about how badly I wanted the training. I talked to him about all of my hopes, dreams, desires and he knew this was something I really wanted but his response was "honey I just don't think we can afford it right now." I was crushed. So I responded with, "okay honey, I understand." Later that week my husband called me and said he had a surprise, he said he signed me up for the lash training and it was my Christmas/birthday gift!! Woah, I wasn't expecting that. I must say it was THE BEST gift ever!! I loved the hands on experience and getting all of the help and training I needed from Tiffany. She was so helpful and uplifting, she taught me all the tricks and how to be successful. I have been a lash tech for almost 3 years now and I absolutely love it!! My husband and I moved to Maryland Summer 2015 and I started working at Christies salon Inc. January 2016, Glen Burnie Maryland. My success is amazing and I love all of my hair/lash clients ️ Thank you Lash outloud for helping me be so successful.

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